Stress Reduction
for health and well-being

with Judith Lies

The Workshop

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses follow the research-validated model developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in his book Full Catastrophe Living, featured in Bill Moyer's Emmy-winning PBS special, "Healing and the Mind." There are MBSR programs in hospitals, HMO's, mental health centers, corporations and integrated care clinics all across America and the world.
These courses teach people how to integrate 2,600 year old Eastern practices into contemporary Western everyday life. Physical, emotional and spiritual suffering can be healed by integrating body and mind in the present moment without judgment or expectation. Each session involves learning and practicing: walking, eating, sitting and/or yoga meditation; didactic presentation; group discussion; and homework assignments.
MBSR is designed for, and can be especially helpful to, those who experience: anxiety and depression, chronic pain and illness, cardiac disease, the demands of caregiving, life threatening illness, grief, spiritual emptiness and difficulty finding balance and peace in current life circumstances. The classes cultivate ease, compassion and clarity in living life more openly, less reactively and with increased contentment. Participants learn and practice the basic skills and principles of MBSR and begin to experience their impact on everyday life, health and well being.

This class meets weekly for 2 1/2 hours and includes one 7-hour day of mindfulness.

CEU's are available for educators, medical and mental health professionals in all classes.


Fall 2017 at RiverGarden Yoga Center

Morning Classes, lower studio, back entrance
Thursdays, September 21 - November 9
9:30 - 12 noon
- Day of Mindfulness on Sunday October 29th 9am - 4pm

Please register by August 25 at www.seedsofmindfulness.com

Cost of Workshops

$375 paid in full with registration form plus download of 3 CD's (after class begins) and your purchase of Jon Kabit-Zinn's book Full Catastrophe Living.

Registration at Seeds of Mindfulness

Judith Lies
612.343.1623 or via e-mail at Judith@seedsofmindfulness.com
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